Kusum Gandhi Vig – India


Kusum Gandhi Vig

Dermatoglyphic Consultant, NLP Coach and Mind Power trainer


Mrs. Kusum Vig is a Counseling Psychologist, Dermatoglyphic Consultant, NLP Coach and Mind Power trainer associated with American Psychological Association. She holds her Master’s degree and M.Phil in Psychology and has been working in the field of Education, Counseling and Mind Power Training for more than two decades. She is Founder and Chairperson, (Mind Matrix, India and Global) and is helping people worldwide to discover their inborn potential and personality traits with the help of Inborn Potential Assessment Test in terms of self-realization process, career development featuring human brain potential. She has been conducting online Career Counseling sessions based on Biometric and Psychometric Aptitude tests as a trained Dermatoglyphics consultant and has also been associated with Asian Dermatoglyphic Research center, Singapore. Kusum Vig has been providing NLP coaching and training for Management Courses for personal effectiveness and professional growth and presented a paper on “NLP for the Entrepreneurial Mindset” at Symbiosis Center for Management Studies, Pune. Some of her clientele includes The Visionary World, Kathmandu, Rich Life Worldwide New Delhi, Symbiosis Center for Management Studies Pune, Defense Institute of Psychological Research, New Delhi, Corporate sector, Educational Institutes, Army Welfare Centers etc. She has also been providing personal and professional counseling to all age groups in helping them resolve conflicts, coping with stress and improve on their self-esteem using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy (MICBT) Within the framework of her seminars, workshops and personal counseling sessions, she creates an environment where you can easily identify your dreams and aspirations and work towards manifesting them. Her primary tool to facilitate transformation utilizes the Law of Attraction and other Laws of success; the tool that she likes to call the ‘SYNC THINK’ technique. Some of the topics covered under her seminars and workshops are as follows: Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Parents, Mid Brain Activation Training Program for children ( 5 to 15 Years), Super Sensory Development Training Program for Adolescents (Aged 13 to 19 Years), Sound Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique for Weight & Stress Management, Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety & Depression, Biometric & Psychometric Aptitude testing for students, How to build effective Relationships, Smart Study Techniques for Exams, How to implement Multiple Intelligences workshop for Schools, Educators, and Teachers, and how to unleash your Subconscious mind power for abundance Mrs. Kusum Vig, with her vast experience as Head of Activities, has taken the initiative to establish Multiple Intelligences Certification course for educators to reach out to their learners effectively. MI Certification course uses Multiple Intelligences theory as the bedrock of its planning, instruction and assessment. She discovered her passion for poetry during her soul searching experience and her book on poetry “Celebrating life” can be downloaded on Google and is also available world-wide at www.lulu.com/…/kusum -vig/ celebrating-life. Her poems have been featured in some of the distinguished anthologies in English and Hindi. She writes her blogs under the name https://thyhappinesstree.wordpress.com/ and shares her thoughts about life and light