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Kimberly Giles

CEO of Claritypoint Coaching

United States OF America (USA)

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Kimberly Giles is the innovator, CEO and author behind the Claritypoint Coaching Academy. She has invented a groundbreaking science and psychology based coaching process used by coaches, psychologists and social workers around the world to help people overcome the fears that hold them back, become resilient and develop mental, emotional and social intelligence – and this amazing process is so easy anyone can learn it. Kim started out as a single mother with no education or career and is now a successful business owner, speaker and author. She wrote an amazing book called Choosing Clarity: The Path to Fearlessness. She appears regularly on local and national TV and radio sharing her unique insights. She has had over 350 articles published in newspapers and magazines reaching people all over the world. Kimberly will teach you a revolutionary way to change core beliefs and become fearless.