Khairatul Saidu

Khairatul Saidu

Human Right Activist, Khairatul Saidu Foundation


Khairatul Saidu is a gender equality activist and peace advocate who hails from Kogi State, north central Nigeria. She is the only child of Mr. Ahmed Saidu Haruna and Mrs. Rabi Saidu. Her passion for human right started in 2011 when she experienced the pain of having both parents as prisoners. She personally decided to stand up for solidarity confinement and the rights of inhumanly sentenced prisoners.

The uncertainty of never again seeing her parents brought about a new reality in which her dreams could perhaps never be actualized, the fear of never being able to set her bars high catalyzed a dream so high in the young woman. In 2012, this dream gave birth to the innovation that is Khairatul Saidu Foundation (KSF), a unique startup which uses technology-based approach to tackle corruption in the judicial system. The startup was officially registered and legalized on the 29th of August 2018. Its movement focuses on promoting anti-corruption through a technology-based approach, as well as addressing problems of corruption in daily activities ranging from bribery to gratification in the judicial system thus fighting for the rights and freedom of those unjustly imprisoned. She is a Nigerian Anti-Corruption Human Rights Activist with over 7 years of experience in advocacy.

She focuses on advocating for the rights of those unjustly imprisoned and ensuring that there is fairness and transparency in justice. She provides counseling to youths and victims who have been unfairly detained alongside has hosted several conferences impacting youths with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has volunteered as youth ambassador by promoting the My Face For Peace Campaign (MFFP) for fairness. She’s a member of the Women Speakers Association (WSA), Young African Leaders Initiative Network (YALI Network) and World Merit (WM). Her work has an activist gave her the opportunity to experience the high level of corruption in the judicial system where people are being convicted for wrong reasons, this has led her to became an Anti-Corruption Human Rights Activist. She has won several human rights awards ranging from The Princess Diana International Award For Advocacy, Public Peace Prize to Everyday Young Hero by Youth Service America (YSA). Women Against Violent Extremism (WAVE) in partnership with American University of Nigeria recognized Khairatul Saidu as one amongst the 100 women who are endlessly taking actions for women and against Gender Violence. Khairatul Saidu plans to create a standard online platform that promotes Accountability, Transparency and Justice which is simple, efficient and acts as an online platform that provides opportunity for citizens to be mentored on legal issues, report corruption cases, track their report and document corruption within the legal system thus creating opportunity for those unjustly imprisoned to regain their freedom.