Kavita Vaidya Gupta

Kavita Vaidya Gupta

Co-Founder, Win Over Cancer


Kavita Vaidya Gupta is the co-founder of Win Over Cancer and is accounted for innovating the indigenous skin friendly, medically approved and cost-effective prosthetic bra and gives them without any monetary gain to breast cancer survivors.

Win Over Cancer was founded by Kavita and her husband Arun who himself is fighting cancer. It aims to provide emotional support to cancer patients, to increase awareness about cancer and to reduce the cost of its treatment. It aims to provide sustainable earning opportunities for cancer survivors and the relatives of deceased patients. It is all about their journey with cancer. Whatever problems they faced during Arun’s treatment it became their foundation’s mission.

Her interactions with doctors and patients in the cancer wing let Kavita have an overview of their plight. With time she had a detailed understanding of Breast Prosthesis and its medical need after Mastectomy (Breast removal Surgery). Breast Prosthesis available in the market were very expensive, mostly imported from abroad, and did not meet the conditions for the Indian climate. In order to cater to this problem, she began the process of designing a Breast Prosthesis. After multiple attempts and feedbacks from Doctors and hospitals, she finally designed a Prosthetic Bra that is low on cost, skin friendly, weight-balancing, durable, and easy to use which was eventually approved by the renowned hospitals like AIIMS, CMC Vellore and many others. Kavita distributes these Bras for free to the breast cancer survivors. This distribution program has benefited patients pan India and neighboring countries for more than 2 years now.

She has been felicitated with a number of regional and national awards and her story has been published by various national and international news dailies and oncology magazines. Today Kavita stands as an inspiration to many who wish to bring a positive change in the society and contributes toward making a difference.