Katerina Stephanu

Katerina Stephanu

Founder, Step Up Stop Slavery


Katerina is the founder of Step Up Stop Slavery, an NGO committed to combatting modern slavery through the elevation of conscious awareness and the facilitation of conscious collaboration and education. The purpose Step Up Stop Slavery is to empower and enable institutions, NGOs, the public and private sectors and survivors of slavery to magnify their impact in their role in the fight against slavery
Fueled by a strong sense of justice, Katerina chose a career in the legal profession and trained in the UK where she obtained two masters degrees from Kings College, University of London, in Commercial and Corporate Law, and Anti-Discrimination Law respectively. Her career spanning 20 years began in the city of London where she trained as a solicitor in Ince & Co practicing maritime and insurance law. Following her return to Cyprus she worked as a corporate lawyer in Grant Thornton International (Cyprus).

Katerina’s commitment to instill ethics and values in organizations led her to join the Compliance Profession. She is certified as an Anti Money Laundering Specialist by the Association of Anti Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS). Katerina acted as assistant Compliance Officer in Grant Thornton International (Cyprus) for a number of years. She also has experience as a professional trainer, having designed and delivered workshops and seminars for compliance professionals in the finance sector in anti-financial crime compliance. Katerina was subsequently responsible for establishing and heading the Compliance Department for a global multi-national corporation for which she set up the anti-financial crime and internal governance structures and managed the rolled out globally.

In her capacity as a compliance professional, Katerina became present to the incredible power organizations, institutions and society have to make a dent in global issues such as human trafficking and modern slavery, through a strategic and collaborative approach. This was the catalyst for her to found Step Up Stop Slavery, which is committed to facilitating an integrated approach to combatting human slavery, by empowering and educating institutions, organizations, and civil society to Step Up in combatting this global epidemic of slavery. Step Up collaborates with a diverse team of professionals providing a wide range of specialized services to enable the creation of bespoke solutions with real and measurable impact in this global mission.

Katerina is also an international speaker and transformational leadership coach and mentor.
She is currently a mentor in Women Fit 4 Business Mentorship Program in Cyprus 2019, in collaboration with Earnst&Young and AIPFEE, association of women in Europe.

Katerina is also member of :
ACAMS (Association of Anti Money Laundering Specialists)
ICA (International Compliance Association)
Law Society of England and Wales
Cyprus Bar Association
ALT Europe (Association of Transformational Leaders)
AIPFEE Cyprus (Association of Women in Europe)
Business and Professional Womens’ Association

GIFEW (Global Institute for Emerging Women)
Katerina is the initiator of the GIFEW Platform on Conscious Justice, a platform designed to empower women practitioners in the legal profession to bring conscious awareness to the profession for the purpose of the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of women in the legal profession.