Karima Mariama-Arthur


Karima Mariama-Arthur


United States Of America (USA)

An astute, efficacious, and multi-talented attorney, author, international keynote speaker, expert facilitator, complex communications consultant, and strategic leadership advisor, Karima has a brilliant track record for helping clients to achieve results. She speaks regularly before audiences around the globe, providing clients with unique insight that drives results. Her shrewd ability to identify nuances helps clients to:

➢ Establish credibility
➢ Leverage expertise and
➢ Build polished and powerful professional brands

With over two decades of multi-faceted legal, academic, corporate, and executive development experience, Karima has developed an extremely keen eye for the ‘devil in the details’ and is masterful at meticulously leveraging skills and talent across industries.

Teaching clients to cultivate their Executive Celebrity™, she develops specialized content for individuals and organizations, emphasizing the principles, practices, and strategies that yield measurable results.

Distinguished by her zealous approach to coaching self-mastery, she is widely acknowledged for her commitment to excellence and willingness to think and work outside-the-box. Her shrewd ability to convey the art and science of achievement inspires clients to strive for personal and professional excellence.