Kalina Doykova – Bulgaria


Kalina Doykova



She is finishing Year 12 at British School New Delhi, studying psychology, business and Spanish as main subjects. With the multicultural open minded and welcoming ethos, British School students are encouraged to develop into internationally minded, principled, compassionate and balanced young people prepared to contribute to the wider community. At the age of 17 she is fluent in English, French and Bulgarian, lived on three continents and faced the challenge of being a young woman in different countries. Being part of the spring revolution in Tunisia, she is inspired by the passion with which the Tunisian women are fighting for their rights in these difficult times and engaged the whole community in the importance of freedom and young girls’ education. Furthermore, she has taken part in community service projects helping less privilege Indian children, learning to respect differences accepting the views and beliefs of others, to embrace multi-culturalism and capitalise on the strengths of Indian culture.