Jyotsna Reddy

Jyotsna Reddy

Director, Kasu Assets


Jyotsna is a go-getter who believes in channeling all her energies in the right direction to get desired results. At KASU, she holds the position of a Director and looks after brand’s complete sales and marketing operations. Hailing from a family of individuals with proven track records in the entrepreneurial and realty space, Jyotsna learnt the nuances of business from a very young age. Her first brush with the corporate world was with Nchant3D (now known as Musion Holograms India), a 3D holographic projection company tied up with worldwide patents holder Musion London.

A result driven professional, her past work experience has shaped her approach to regard client’s need as an utmost priority in the organization. She believes that this will make a lasting impact, thereby creating a brand value like none other in the real estate industry. Besides KASU, she handles all aspects of Musion’s operations in the country from sales to technical execution on the ground. Actively multitasking between the two companies, Jyotsna dedicates her future to constantly growing in the field of entrepreneurship.

Jyotsna has completed her Business Management Degree from Singapore. She is a fitness enthusiast, having participated in several worldwide Crossfit competitions. An avid traveller, she has travelled the world training for MMA and Muay Thai. Her love for painting has helped her raise fund for her charity, by selling over a dozen paintings.