Joslyn Wolfe

Joslyn Wolfe

Bachelorette Degrees in Public Policy & English

Joslyn attended Johns Hopkins University and Goucher College and obtained Bachelorette degrees in Public Policy and English. She serves as an adjunct Professor in Speech Communication, English and French as a certified English teacher, yet also expanded her career towards social service by counseling individuals struggling with addictions to recreational substances. Ms. Wolfe oversaw, with a group of young female leaders, the drafting of testimony and organizing a grass roots effort in having legislation passed called the Bone Marrow Awareness Act , of which widens the pool of individuals seeking Bone Marrow Transplants, both in Maryland and Alaska, thus saving numbers of lives. The project is now a Case Book Study in a High School Civics Book where the project is featured and the students, legislators, the governor and Ms. Wolfe are pictured. She was also instrumental in the drafting the Lyme Disease Awareness Act. The project is a Case Study in a High School text book of which teaches Civics and Grassroots Organizing.

Awardee of the Judge Sarah T. Hughes Internship Award
Fellow of the Prestigious Poynter Journalism Institute
Former Fellow of the Woodrow Wilson Public Policy School
Former Fellow of the Howard University Publishing Institute
Awardee of the Phi Lambda Iota Outstanding Teaching Award
Awardee of the Fox 45 Champion of Courage Award.
Awardee of the Good Will Global Ambassador’s Award of 2018
Maryland State Approved Sponsor to offer CEU’s to Mental Health Therapist and Counselors.
Avid Fencer

Publisher of Focus on Women Magazine
Multi-Generational Publication of which is circulated through the US and abroad.

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