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John Spender

John Spender



John is the 1no. bestselling author of A Journey Of Riches. He started his first business at the age of 6 selling plaster of paris statues of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck with his older brother. He later delivered pamphlets, papers, collecting trolleys, delivering milk and many other ventures all before he was 16. At 22 he had his own landscaping company completing council and government contracts, after giving up on that business due to an emotional break down.
John learnt the value of a balance life, of invested in systems and the power of developing people to do the work for you, while they and the business grow together. He sold his last business for a healthy profit and began learning and studying about personal development and coaching with his journey taking him all around the world and learning many different modalities. That led John to transition into Coaching, Mentoring, writing and Movie making where he has now helped thousands of people from around the world to live a life of freedom, fun and passion.

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