João Micael

Joao Micael

President of the Portuguese Matrix – Association for the Development of Culture and Knowledge


João Micael
Born in Lisbon, on December 3th, 1965.
Specialist in personal, social, professional and corporate Protocol and image.
President of Matriz Portuguesa – MPADC – Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Cultura e do Conhecimento
Director of Academy of Protocol;
Director of “Portugal Protocolo” magazine;
Founder and President of Prize Femina’s Committee of Honour;
Key note speaker in lectures on Protocol, image and Corporate Behavior in various institutions;
Master on Classes of Protocol for executives and companies;
Protocol consultant on events and ceremonies;
Image consultant for professional excellence.

Honorary Member of the Circle of Mozambican Writers in the Diaspora, in recognition of his prestige and the contribution to the promotion of literature and Lusophone Cultures in the World.

“Os Arroubamentos de Espírito de D. Maria I, Monólogo – Galeria das Rainhas Portuguesas”, 2015
“Liturgical Protocol”, 2015
“Protocol at the table”, 2012
“Business Protocol in Portugal”, 2012
“Dom Diniz according to Virgínia Goes”, for the painter Virgínia Goes, 2011
“Sublime Fantasy”, for the painter Virgínia Goes, 2009
“History of Protocol and Cerimonial” (in press)
“Portuguese Queens – The Royal Table, Etiquette, Food, Recipes” (in press)
“Bullfighting Protocol” (in press)
“Portuguese Queens Gallery” (in press)
“Dona Maria de Portugal, Last Princess of Avis” (in press)
“Costume History – From the Origins to the Present” (in press)