Jennifer Lu – China

Jennifer Lu - WEF - UNIVERSITY - ICELAND - 2017

Jennifer Lu

Tianjiu Happiness Holding Group


Lu Xingyu, English name Jennifer Lu, female, born in 1987, with a constellation of Leo.Children’s Loving Sister Jennifer, Graduated from California State University, and advanced study in Harvard, Oxford, and MIT. She is the First Professional Philanthropist in China. She is now the Chairwoman of Jennifer Lu’s Charity Foundation, Charity and Philanthropy Ambassador of TOJOY Holding Group , Executive Chairwoman and Secretary General of China-Africa Project Hope , Charity and Philanthropy Ambassador of Global Confederation of Chambers of Commerce (GCCC).

At present, China-Africa Project Hope has constructed and donated 23 Hope primary schools, 23 libraries in five African countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and Namibia. She is the advocate of “the Benevolent Second Generation” and “Genuine Philanthropy” , and decided to devote her whole life to HumanItalian and Philanthropy Work. Her mission is to Make the World Happy Together.

She has friendly relationships with numerous heads of state, government leaders, and business leaders including former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, King of
Cambodia, Queen of Bahrain Kingdom, President of Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Burundi, and Malawi, and Prime Minister of Rwanda, Mozambique, Thailand and Albania and so on. President of Coca-Cola, Microsoft Chairman, President of Ericsson etc. She is well known as the China’s youngest international Charity and Philanthropy Ambassador and Social Activist.