Jeannice Adele Fairrer Riahi-Samani

Jeannice Adele Fairrer Riahi-Samani

CEO & Founder, Fairrer Samani Group/Fifth Wave-STEM Education


Dr. Jeannice Fairrer Samani, MBA, CSM, MDE, is a strategic futurist, Innovationalist ™, an executive that has a proven record of accomplishments in business and academic sectors. Twenty years of cross-functional social benefit and for-profit management with a holistic entrepreneurial mindset that inspires, innovates, implements plans for current and future needs. Expertise: emerging technologies-Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, leadership development, systems and management, information technology and business integration, strategic management, business operations, global business development, diversity and inclusion, organizational sustainability, asset management, data business intelligence for decision-making and product development and improvement, higher education, and governance. Formerly, the faculty supervisor and Practicum Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and adjunct lecturer in the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University, a Business lecturer at Menlo College Business Administration Department and William Jessup University and advisor to the Computer Science, Currently, she is the DT NextogenX data analytics firm, CEO of Fairrer Samani Group LLC, a think tank global business intelligence firm, Fifth Wave a not-profit STEM Education Initiative, and Partner of, data analytics, and business intelligence firm.

Dr. Samani has led successful end to end applications such as technology development, and business intelligence decision-making using big data, and scaling of products to global markets, such as international houseware company, and family care provider. Dr. Samani led cross-functional teams, managed and strategized diversity, and inclusion initiatives to drive `change for women in technology. As a strategic leader, she scaled organizations such as Anita Borg-Grace Hopper Conference, Cisco System diversification in the integrated engineering department of productive product development and launch. She executes successful strategic leadership through her influential and effective communication, passion, and commitment to innovation and human development, collaboration, empathy, and humility to lead 100+ staff members for events, fund development. She developed a Big Data information dashboard platform for the engineering department at Cisco Systems and business system analyst for the information technology products. Dr. Samani has received several awards from community and business organizations, such as the BEYA Science Spectrum Trailblazer award from Lockheed Martin and Boston Scientific.

She is a sought away keynote speaker on technology trends, Advancement of Women & Inclusion, information innovation, and entrepreneurship. Postgraduate work in leadership, Big Data, and python at Stanford University. With certifications in Design Thinking MIT, Data Science UC Berkeley, Scrum Master, and Management Entrepreneur Development from UCLA.

An architect and mentor for the TechWomen program for eight years, Jeannice has traveled to Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East as a delegate on behalf of the U.S. Department of State as an advocate for girls & women in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. She serves as an advisor for DEMO Africa, NASA Space Apps, in Nigeria and Sierra Leone, Alliance 4ai, Ignite Stanford University graduate business school program, and advisor for Santa Clara University School of Engineering and Carnegie Mellon Information Network Institute.