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Jeanette Senkondo


Jeanette Senkondo

KAIZEN Master Trainer CABO Consult Ltd


• A committed, purposeful professional person influencing others to achieve positive results.
• A pharmacist engaged in getting diverse skills and continuously sharing the knowledge and skills acquired, to others through workshops, in-class and on-site trainings.
• A woman entrepreneur, trainer and facilitator, involved in Entrepreneurship, Business and KAIZEN Management Trainings, empowering youths and women to generate their business ideas, start, manage and improve their businesses.
• A holder of an “Excellent KAIZEN Master Trainer Award”-2015, awarded by JICA, under the Project on Strengthening Manufacturing Enterprises through Quality and Productivity Improvement, in honour of her efforts in motivating and facilitating employees of manufacturing sector to achieve their enterprises’ goals.
• Has provided leadership to professional associations and the church community.
• A change agent, team builder, inspirational speaker, social supporter and counselor to family and the community.