Jayanthi Devarajan

Jayanthi Devarajan

Sales & Distribution ,Business Development & Financial Services


Over 15 years of insightful experience in business development from learning about clients’ needs, educating them on options, and helping find the best solution. I’ve doubled client base through quality relationship – building, referrals and networking.

The reasons for my success?

Making inroads into new networks, building client loyalty with integrity, and enhancing team performance comes naturally to me.

Talent for working collaboratively with teams and customers has driven achievements in business development, sales, & operations management including:/p>

SALES REVENUE – More than doubles business size by developing promotions to increase sales and collections each month
NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Boosted client base and built large referral network to gain new clients.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Responsible for responding quickly to all customer requests and ensuring that all staff members make sound decisions based on customer satisfaction.

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT – Positively impacted employee morale, decreased turnover and boosted customer satisfaction ratings, by revamping the company.

BUSINESS PLANNING – Analyse sales revenue forecasts and create a financial budget.

LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE – Recognized by staff and clients for professionalism, contributions to office productivity and assessments that prevented probable legal problems.

Equally adept at optimizing performance through organizational change with excellent skills in problem-solving, multi-tasking and communications. A trusted company advocate who can effectively balance the needs of both individual and organization.


COO & Director – Tabs and Syrups – April 2017 – Present

About T & S – With a rapidly changing lifestyle, India is also experiencing rapidly growing lifestyle diseases. There has been a growing demand for medicines and wellness products. While the Healthcare industry grows on one end, there are multiple health challenges plaguing the customer on the other end. Challenges like non-availability of medicines, adulteration, expired medicines, and of course the increase in price. We as a common man, have faced all of the above and at one point decided to take the system by its tail. We are a team of enterprising youth determined to solve this problem and in our quest towards it, we found Tabs and Syrups. We are the solution to the problems we faced, which is also being experienced by other commoners’. We are the assurance to the quality we sought and we aspire to be your first and only preference. We promise to provide you with the best quality medicines and wellness products at best price at the convenience of your home.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Defined and owned the T&S strategy from top to bottom – Established strategies for newly forming teams and harnessed the experience required to lead the development of a cohesive near-term and long-term strategy

Management of Finance, Fund raising, Operations, HR & Legal Domains of the company

Coached and developed the T&S team – I’ve implemented strategies and tactics to help the team grasp complicated and often ambiguous challenges and projects.

Established the T&S team as a trusted brand for thousands of customers – The success of T&S is rooted in successful relationships. Provided the team with a consultative framework that supports strong relationships with all departments.

Working strategically and tactically – Clearly communicated priorities and helped in eradicating the roadblocks to ensure execution of the T&S strategy.

Established processes around project management and prioritization – Brought about mastery project management, change management and communication skills to the organization with high performance and accountability. Encouraged the team to learn and grow from previous experiences and encouraged open feedbacks and dialogues.

Being passionate about business intelligence – Familiar with SAAS metrics, KPIs and general business practices. Supported and encouraged the team to think big about business insights and the importance of identifying and simplifying key operational gaps.