Jaswinder Grewal

Jaswinder Grewal - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Jaswinder Grewal

Certified Coaches Alliance, Personal Success Coach & Master Spirit Life Coach

New Delhi,India

Jaswinder Grewal, an educationist with an overall experience of more than two decades has played varied roles in Success Coaching, Leadership, Empowerment and Personal Development space. She is a Certified Coaches Alliance, Personal Success Coach & Master Spirit Life Coach recognised as ACSTH by the ICF,USA and is an MPhil in English Literature by education.

She is gifted with exceptional coaching abilities and is an expert in empowering people to achieve Personal Success while dealing with common life transitions in different areas of Life, Academics, Career and Relationships across levels .

Jaswinder has a rich experience of working with individuals who wish to move forward, take action, achieve goals, re-write their story and experience overall life mastery. She empowers her clients to evaluate their current situation, see new ways of approaching change, identify practical solutions, and uncover tools that help them positively approach change. She is a highly accomplished individual and her programmes and workshops engage all levels of the individual: body, mind, heart (emotion) and soul (spirit). Her unique methodologies aim at working with the given issues in a capacity to go deeper into the zone of fundamental change, often generating transformation, growth and personal development. Her knack of understanding relationships-romantic, marriage, siblings, child-parent or other family relationships and professional; supports people in strengthening their relationships so they feel loved, listened to, and appreciated.