James Woeber


James Woeber

Co-Founder ,Art of Heartful Living


James Woeber, is Co-Founder and CEO of The Art of Heartful Living Institute, an international leadership and personal development training program that empowers thought leaders and entrepreneurs to fully bring their brilliance and gifts out in service to the world. For over two decades, James has trained and consulted thousands of leaders to step boldly into their heart’s deepest desires and generate positive change in their personal lives, organizations, and communities.

A family and systemic constellations and energy healing facilitator and trainer, he is a founding board member of North American Systemic Constellations, and served as Co-Director of the 2015 North American Systemic Constellations Conference.

James has had a private consulting practice for over 25 years, where he integrates energy healing, systemic constellation work, and other mind/body strategies to empower individuals, families and organizations to truly embrace their greatest potential.

His in-depth training includes 6 years of hands-on energy medicine training at Matrix Light Institute, 3 years of energy healing study at The School for Enlightened Healing, and family/systemic constellation facilitator training at Living Body and Soul, along with numerous workshops and conferences. His background also includes working in film, video, multimedia and website development as an award-winning producer, director and writer where he has fine-tuned his communication and leadership skills.