Jacqueline Johnston-Lynch – United Kingdom (UK)

Jacquie Johnston-Lynch

Jacqueline Johnston-Lynch

Head of Service at Tom Harrison House

United Kingdom (UK)

“Having created a succession of UK firsts in the field of addiction recovery, Jacquie now heads Tom Harrison House, the UK’s first addiction recovery centre designed specifically for military veterans. Her work there ranges from striving to influence government policy and military culture around addiction and alcoholism, to more hands-on therapeutic work with the veterans and family members who access the programme. Prior to this, Jacquie founded the country’s first dry-bar “The Brink” as a recovery social enterprise, where she was responsible for hosting the first solo public engagement of HRH The Duchess of Cambridge in 2012, liaising fully with St James Palace and the Royal Equerry.

Driven by her own family history of addiction and alcoholism, and by her brother being killed by an alcoholic drink driver, Jacquie’s focus is to transform all pain into purpose. She also works with business and organisational leaders to develop a model of Vulnerable Leadership, a new way of showing up and connecting in the lonely world of leadership.

Jacquie is also a fellow of The School of Social Entrepreneurs UK and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and she has won the following awards in the UK;

UK Social Entrepreneur of the Year Lloyds Bank (Lloyds Banking Group)
Women Making a Difference (Trinity Newspapers)
Social Enterprise Leader UK (Making a Difference Team UK)
Prime Ministers point of Light Award (Her Majestys Government)
Social Justice Champion UK (Centre for Social Justice)
Person Of Purpose (Northern Power Women)”