Jacqueline Ani

Jacqueline Ani

Founder/Managing Director, Jacqueline Ani International

United Kingdom

Voted Woman of Excellence 2018, Jacqueline Ani’s mission is to empower others to fulfil their life’s purpose by teaching them Kingdom strategies and principles and showing them how to develop a relationship with the Creator – God Almighty, which brings good health and a successful wellbeing.

As a Transformational Leadership Consultant and Strategist, Jacqueline has empowered women to transform their lives successfully through their personal challenges knowing that challenges are actually opportunities in disguise. She brings direction and positive change to organisations so that they can produce at their optimum level in return creating opportunities for people in their careers.

As a Career/Life Coach, Jacqueline has coached women to make the transition from stagnant dead-end roles to thriving business entrepreneurial ship projects while investing their newly developed abilities into their potential.

As a sought after International Speaker and Radio presenter, her various messages of Finding and Living Your Purpose, Fulfilling Your Mission and Being Empowered from Within, has opened opportunities for her to deliver her message globally to various audiences through radio, television and social media. Her style of delivery with the help of the Holy Spirit encourages and inspires her listeners to step forward and take action no matter what situation they may find themselves in, and in doing so they push beyond boundaries and limitations to success.

As Britain’s Be Mogul 2016 Awardee and recipient of the SME Award for Greater London 2017 & 2018, Jacqueline operates in the Office of a Prophet and is equipped to propel God’s people into their Kingdom mandated position to shift the atmospheric barriers in the marketplace, families and education so that wealth is transferred, and families are restored.

Jacqueline Ani strives to learn from the successes and failures in her life journey to enhance and develop new strategies in an ever developing and challenging world.

Jacqueline is the Founder of Jacqueline Ani International and Managing Director of Ani Recruitment & Training Consultants Ltd

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