Izabela Witek-Zurek


Izabela Witek-Zurek

Social Worker and FGM Lead


Born and qualified in Krakow, Poland. A passionate Social Worker working in the Family Operations responsible for providing advice and guidance to members of the public and professionals looking for support, and also for responding to child protection concerns.
As a children’s social worker I deal with a number of different concerns ranging from physical, sexual abuse, domestic violence to Female Genital Mutilation, Child sexual exploitation, and radicalisation. I intervene in crises, mediate conflict, at times advocate on behalf of service users, and identify resources and ensure children are safe.

As a FGM Lead, I have developed links with various agencies and partners including the National FGM centre, midwives, GPs, health visitors and schools to raise awareness around FGM. Providing guidance and support for the families that have been affected by it. I support and oversee my colleagues in their practice of FGM referrals. Working with Essex Police and Border Force, I have been taking part in Operation Limelight at Stansted Airport to raise awareness about FGM within the families travelling to the countries that have been most affected, this helps to identify potential victims and prevent them from harm.

Passionate about raising awareness on FGM and protecting children, I will talk about ‘FGM – How a Victim (Mother) can Become the Perpetrator’.