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Ir.Iva Schubart

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Ir.Iva Schubart

Founder at Bohemian Inspiration, International Relations & life coach and speaker, The Netherlands/Czech republic


Iva Schubart loves life and personal growth. Her mission is to impact and help passionate ambitious women and visionary leading men change their dreams into reality and teach them how to use the law of attraction in life to achieve their personal, professional and financial goals and most important to love themselves!
Today she knows that the law of attraction really exists and operates in every moment but most importantly, she knows how it works how to use it. She knows also the steps that are needed to be done, so she could create a life of her own dreams.
She motivates and inspires to get clear about who they are and to take actions to achieve it. Her provocative point of view brings her audience to relook their thinking and believes about themselves to live a life of their dreams with finding a purpose of what we are and why we are here on this earth.
Her transformation led her towards a coaching program based on a law of attraction and success in USA. Study on law of attraction which she ended in 2016 as an international certified law of attraction life coach taught her to use a variety of techniques and methods that increase the vibration and approach us to our goals. So she became to understand the essence of the law of attraction and other laws of the universe. She learned how to coach people to move towards to achieve their goals and shift their dreams in reality
She is a divorced mother of her two beautiful daughters, born in Egypt, of Czech origin and living for about 23 years in the Netherlands. Worked in different management sales, export and procurement positions. Studied mechanical engineering but after a lot of challenges in her life so she went through, finally found her purpose to help and inspire people all over the world.
“ The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are “ Joseph Campbell