Isabel Adriana Garcia Gomez

Isabel Adriana Garcia Gomez

Coordinadora Nacional de Desarrollo Sostenible


● Project Coordinator of Solid Waste Valorization Center, replicable project for the Municipality of Ixtapaluca, State of Mexico. 2016
● General Coordinator of the Student Mobility Program. Institute of Education Municipality of Ixtapaluca, State of Mexico. 2016- 2017
● State of Mexico Coordinator of the Global Youth Network for Biodiversity. Participation and contribution in the axis: Political incidence; design, exercise, monitoring and evaluation of public policies on Biodiversity. 2015-2018
● Founding Member of Consorcio Youth for Water and Climate 2017-Present
● Consultant of the General Law Project of Youth of Peru for the National Network of Youth of Peru and the Commission of Education, Youth and Sport of the Congress of the Republic of Peru. 2018-Currently
● Member of the Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Environment as a representative of Civil Society Organizations in the General Directorate of Public Policy on Human Rights of the Ministry of the Interior. 2018
● National Coordinator of Sustainable Development of Linkage of local action networks for national transformation (RED VIRAL A.C.) 2015- Present

Activities of social participation
● Announcer in Female Power. Initiative that promotes the empowerment of women through the dissemination of politics, academia, business and culture. Transmission by VIVE RADIO. 2017
● Member of the National Front for Sorority. Carrying out activities to publicize the types of violence that women experience and promoting initiatives for their eradication. 2017-Present
● Youth Parliamentarian of the State of Mexico in the Youth Parliament of Mexico 2017.
● Delegate Ama-Quella Mexico. Initiative of Peru that promotes a platform of evaluation of public policies linked to the objectives of sustainable development. 2018
● Juvenile Observatory Member of Mexico City, fifth generation. Political Participation and Gender. 2018
● Member State of Mexico of Youth Agenda 2018. Initiative that promotes concrete actions to solve problems in Education-Employment, Health, Security and Youth Political Participation at a National level. 2018-Present.
● Founder of the Smart-Cities Latin America and the Caribbean Initiative, multidimensional panorama; a look from the youth. With focal points in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and Nicaragua. 2018-Currently.
● Network of Young Politicians of the Americas by the Documentation Sciences Foundation and the Support Section for Representative Institutions of the OAS. 2018-Currently.
● Member State Chapter of Mexico Latin American Youth Network for Democracy. 2018-Currently.
● Member of the VALIENTE Network, in defense of the land, territory and environment of Amnesty International. 2018-Currently

● Honorary Member of the Scouts Association of Mexico 2015. For contributions to environmental education plans for the association.
● Fourth place Prize CEMEX-TEC EDITION 2016 in Category Transforming Communities by proposal of Urban Solid Waste Recovery Center.
● Youth Talent in FIRST MEETING OF MEXICAN TALENTS 2016, for contributions on environmental public policy, Institute of Mexicans Abroad.
● Youth Delegate of Mexico in the V Youth Forum of the Americas as an official activity of the VIII Summit of the Americas. Lima, Peru 2018.
● Young Leader Letter of the Earth 2018-2020 by Earth Charter International.
● Young Leader of the Southern Cone 2018.
● Participation of the World Public Policy Summit, Salta Argentina 2018.
● Citizen Editor of the Violet Constitution by CDMX Feminist Constituents. 2019
● Member of the Youth Advisory Group of the Population Fund of United Nations Mexico. 2018-Currently