Ira Rattan

Ira Rattan - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Ira Rattan

Mental Health & Gut Healthx

New Delhi,India

Pannel discussion Nutritionist at Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Institute of Higher Learning at Summer Course in Indian Culture And Spirituality at Prasanthinilyam . Andhra Pradesh. Awardee of “Make In India Award” as “Vegan Nutritionist”
By BHARAT NIRMAN And ‘Clinical Food Meditation” Award by Speaking Tree an edition of Times Of India publication

Ira Rattan is a leading nutritionist and holistic wellness counselor specialising in Diabetes Mellitius Type 2 nutrition. Her mission is to nutritionally cause a diabetic free India. She believes in compassion towards animals and humanity and explains nutrition in a systematic, scientific, lucid and rationalized manner. She retains her hold on facts of medical science and is a firm believer of advocating the farmers who lay the seed of nutrition to energise and purify the mind, body and soul. She is associated with Dr.Nandita Shah founder of SHARAN INDIA Her journey:

It all began in the year 2009 when Ira’s doctor stated that the major cause behind her surgeries and fractures was the food that she ate. As Ira started to learn more about how our body is directly connected to the food we eat, she developed a desire to study nutrition as a subject for over a period of 6 years. Over the years, Ira realised that stress was one of the main motivators in her dietary habits and that was one of the reasons which set her on the quest for holistic wellness and has managed to integrate a stress free holistic clinical nutrition for public awareness. Ira founded Clinical Food Meditation where she scientifically connects the mind body and soul.
Mental Stress Ira feels is the main constraint in achieving success in life. Disease means feeling uneasy and disturbed on account of the upsetting of one’s temper or equilibrium which affects the physical or mental condition. This happens due to faulty Aahaara(food) and faulty Vihaara(activities) Discipline in Food is very necessary not because body is all important to man but because the Soul resides within the body
Keeping herself updated on the latest in her field, Ira regularly attends various CME’s (continuing medical education) in health and fitness.