Ian Young


Ian Young

Director & Senior Interventionist


Ian wears many hats but no masks, using his experiences to benefit others in business and pleasure.

In 2001 aged 29, after 13 years of chronic alcohol & drug addiction, homelessness and living outside of society he discovered the solution to his debilitating lifestyle, creating a life filled with laughter and love – addiction free! Since then, driven by his desire to rebalance his karma, he’s dedicated himself towards helping other families afflicted by addiction.

Founder and visionary of Sober Services and Salutem HealthCare, the creator of the world’s first Home Study Sober Coaching manual, and delivering his own unique training programmes through Sober Academy, Ian pioneers new methodologies for best practice in the UK, Europe, Africa the Middle East and beyond.
He’s a charismatic speaker, with natural skills of engaging audiences, permitting him to exploit his talent of being a positive influence, uplifting and thought shifting.

The author of “It’s Not About Me”, he discloses his story through addiction, whilst exploring practical and spiritual lessons he’s learned along the way.

His latest keynote “Heaven On Earth” is another stage of his continued efforts to serve Mother Earth, and to leave a legacy for our children.
With this background and his understanding of human conditions, Ian’s a humorous addition to the human gene pool, often heard reflecting that “quality of life is the key factor to anyone’s happiness” and that it’s always more important to be happy than to be busy.