Hrönn Margrét Magnúsdóttir – Iceland


Hrönn Margrét Magnúsdóttir

CEO at Ankra


An amazing success Icelandic national team at Euro 2016, the world attention and winds in its sails from other countries (except perhaps those we have worked) is something that will hardly be forgotten. Now we do not just land with volcanic eruptions, the banks and the Panama scandal, retains a beauty queen, the strongest men hraustustu women and the Icelandic national team in football who has managed the impossible.

As a founder rod company that develops and markets Icelandic skin care products and supplements that work together inside and outside to improve the appearance and health under the brand Feel Iceland surely need to ask themselves how they can take advantage of this unique opportunity in marketing abroad.
There follow it definitely pros and cons to be a brand that contains the word Iceland as feel Iceland and rolled signed undeniably whether it was a mistake when the Panama-documents were introduced. But today the name is certainly no mistakes and could not really be better, at least until something else rocks the nation.
It is important for small nations like ours that we stand together and in recent weeks, Iceland has shown the world that we stand firm supporter of our people and are quick on your feet if you have difficulty.

for start-up companies with limited resources is important to get as much coverage as possible and it stays free. The success of the national team is a great blessing for start-ups that’ll look abroad and must take advantage of this tailwind to the fullest in order to attract attention abroad.
After lying undercoat here are some ideas on how the shoots can harness this opportunity:

Great icebreaker meetings abroad look up Íslendingabók and find the landsliðsmann that is most related to us and feature us of our uncle in the national team we are created to prove that Iceland can make the impossible gerastÞó we are a small nation, we are not low in okkurVið are known for perseverance and do not give harvested frogs are supposed to stick together and support each other