Helen Walbey


Helen Walbey

National Policy Chair for Health


I am now successfully running my fourth business after taking the plunge and leaving the corporate world behind me, sixteen years ago.
I am a passionate believer in seizing opportunities, allowing women to cut their own path in any field they choose and supporting those who work with and for me. I strive to be an effective role model those those wishing to work in the more atypical sectors and am actively involved in promoting enterprise to young people and women across Wales.
I use the skills I have gained from business and my passion and drive in my role at Recycle Scooters when working as a role model in schools and colleges as a Welsh Government Big Ideas Role Model or when I am mentoring new start up enterprises through Virgin Start-Up. I and the Federation of Small Businesses Chair for Diversity and health and we work for greater business diversity and ensuring legislation understands the diversity and needs of small businesses across the UK. We have just published our first report into Women in Enterprise: The Untapped Potential

My love of learning will be a lifelong journey of exploration and having just finished my degree and Post Graduate Diploma, both with distinctions, I have also completed a PGCE, to transfer my real life experience into the academic arena. I lecture at the University of South Wales on a part time basis and have experience of delivering eleven subjects in the Business School. I have a research interest in enterprise, women in atypical sectors and women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.