Heather Joy Bassett

Heather Joy Bassett

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Heather Joy Basset is an transformational story-weaver, speaker, and mentor who helps people to unravel the mysteries of their own stories and redefine what is truly possible for them in this lifetime.

She is a world champion gold medal athlete who has navigated the painful challenges of upbringing, health, and culture to become a living, breathing example of the human capacity to transform.

through hard work, persistence, resilience and insatiable trust of the spirit it takes to be the world’s best, and that it isn’t possible without both support and being supported. Her career then spanned over 35 years in business in which she has served over 15,000 people in living a better quality of life and walking with confidence.

Heather now works with entrepreneurs and professionals who want to make a heart based difference in the world. She supports them to see where they are not trusting and speaking their unique truth and bringing it forth to be trailblazers in their own life, workplace and community doing work that inspires them and nourishes the soul.