Hassaana Begam.V

Hassaana Begam.V

Founder of TeenVisor


Hassaana Begam. V is a Founder, Researcher, Entrepreneur and a high school student with a flair for coordinating between Tech and businesses to get projects completed on schedule.

In her 4 years of experience in the all the sector, she has handled various projects from start to finish and increased the audience. She has worked with various organizations such as TBH Circle, Inclutech and more than 15+ companies.

Hassaana, who is a high school student, enjoys researching, studying and playing chess.

She has founded nearly 4 companies and co-founded nearly 10 companies with her experiences in Tech and Business.

Hassaana mentored approx 582 students from abroad to make them learn about Tech and Business.

Her Mission is to Make Younger Students to be Younger CEOs at this age!

She got various achievements and talk shows such as: –

1. Tedx & Josh Talks
2. Raw Stories
3. Being Tirunelveli’s first young teenprenuer at age of 14
4. Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2021
5. 10 Awards for Being an Inspiring Leader and more.