Harsha Vardhini Ayalasomayajula

Harsha Vardhini Ayalasomayajula

Architect, Dancer, Independent Researcher


Harsha Vardhini Ayalasomayajula is an architect by profession, dancer by passion and an independent researcher exploring architecture through art and enriching her art with the precision of science. An aluminii of IIM, Bangalore(Indian institute of management) and Thigarajar college of engineering, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
Founder and Proprietor,‘Design Inspirations’ is an architectural consultancy firm established by her offering expert advice for buildings, interiors, landscapes and sustainable architecture.

Harsha has conceptualised and designed buildings for a wide range of clients in hospitality, healthcare, education, retail, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. She provides innovative and cost-effective solutions that do not compromise the aesthetics of design.

Being an Architect and a dancer gave her a unique perspective into cultural spaces like temples which is a combination of science and art form and thus born the interest in research and which has paved the way for presenting and publishing her research paper in the International World Congress (SEWC 2019), at Istanbul, Turkey for Architects and Engineers. She is now exploring the dots and lines of traditional art forms that have influenced architecture.

She is recognised by clients and colleagues as a committed professional with a high degree of personal integrity. Her passion for excellence and her creative solutions for challenging spaces have become her strength in the competitive field of architecture.
Founder and Director
Nrithya Kshetra – Temple of Dance
She has successfully translated her passion and proficiency in dancing into a training ground for Indian and international students. Students from France, Morocco, Japan and USA have mastered the nuances of classical Bharathanatyam under her expert tutelage.

Her passion towards dance, made her to choreograph dances with simple concepts like- “Rainy day in a forest “, “Shakthi – Women Empowerment” and more.
Honors and Awards
In recognition of her professional standards in the field of architecture she received the ‘Amazing Woman Award’ from ‘WE’ and Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce, in 2014. Nrityanjali Dance Academy, Madurai certified her as ‘Nritya Kala Bhushan‘ in 1994. The Madurai district Art Society conferred upon her the title ‘Kalai Valarmani’ in 2004