Harpreet Pandher

Harpreet Pandher - WEF - BRITISH - COLUMBIA - CANADA - 2017

Harpreet Pandher

Registered Psychiatric Nurse International IFBB Bodybuilding Competitor Health Nutrition and Fitness Consultant


Harpreet Pandher is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychiatric Nursing. She is currently working in Mental Health and Addictions. Harpreet is also a entrepreneur and an internal competitive bodybuilder. She is recognized worldwide for her passion in the health and fitness industry, while maintaining a full time career as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse. Harpreet understands that being unhealthy comes in all forms and plans to work with people in accomplishing their healthy lifestyle goals. Her success in the bodybuilding industry came quickly when she received recognition as a professional athlete. In 2011, Harpreet won first place and won overall in World Bodybuilding Federation of Fitness.

Since then Harpreet has competed placing first and overall at majority of her shows and recently placed first in an International IFBB Ben Weider Legacy Cup 2017.

With her background in Mental Health, Harpreet understands that being healthy is not only on physically but being mentally fit is also imperative. She has been able to lead a healthy lifestyle through health, nutrition and physical training and now is looking forward to helping others achieve their goals in health nutrition and counseling in 2018 as she understands that it is truly a gift to yourself to put your health first to increase the quality of your life.