Gousia A S

Gousia A S

Freelance Trainer, Facilitator, Entrepreneur


Gousia is an experienced and a potential trainer in the field of communication, soft skills and placement training. She aspires to serve the student community in the above said fields. She believes in skills and skill oriented learning to be the dominant factor for a student’s better career. Gousia is well equipped and well informed of the latest changes and trends in the Job markets and various other MNC’s, which helps her implement various innovative training methodologies for the betterment of the student community and large.

She is Proficient in: Placement Training, (Aptitude & Verbals), Life skills and Behavioral Training which includes:

Every day communication, Face to face talk, Conscious Use of language, Framing Conversations, Effective writing, Kinesics, Body Language signs, Public Speaking, Leveraging, Language
Persuasive Speaking skills, Creative writing, Timing techniques – Powerful pauses, Expression, Volume, Rate and Pitch, Dynamic delivery strategies, Time management, Emotional Intelligence, Goal setting, Team building, Leadership qualities

Social behaviors, Intelligence quotient building, Memory techniques, Attitude building, Resource management, HR management, Business Promoting skills, Target achieving skills, Effective presentation skills, Stress Management, Writing effective resume, Acing interviews- preparation and research, Mock interviews, Self-presentation and practice, Appearance and impression skills, Intelligence Impromptu responses, Elevated speeches, Debates, Group Discussions, Group Dynamics, Facing HR rounds, Public sector Interviews