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Glorianne Francis

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United Kingdom (UK)

Glorianne is a conscientious, resourceful and creative Brand strategist and International Public Relations Communications Consultant. An Inspirational Speaker, Philanthropist, Presenter and Host to International events. She has a talent for spotting opportunities with a natural innovative and creative flair to source and present dynamic marketing solutions within commercial constraints.
Glorianne is the CEO of Gloramo Concierge & PR Ltd and Director for African Partnership Ltd. Her prominence has long been cultivated through her work as an award winning motivational speaker and events presenter. She has spoken and presented key note speeches at Olympic and Rotary events.
Having been one of the very first female African promoters in the UK since 1995, Francis has worked with various International artists. She has spoken at forums in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe South Africa and Zambia, Malta and Dubai. A committed philanthropist in her own right, Glorianne currently serves as a mentor for young people. Having been homeless herself in the UK she continues to support and accommodate many young people who find themselvesstranded, in her home while they try to find their feet in the UK.
She has won awards for her commitment and dedication to raising profiles, creating platforms and supporting upcoming talent and profiling them in a supportive environment. She is also well recognised for her great networking skills, charity work and bringing communities together. In 2013 she was also awarded an Empowerment Ambassador award for her commitment to empower and support people in her community.
Glorianne has worked on projects for the corporate sector and the Ministry of Tourism (Zimbabwe) as well as the Embassy of Zimbabwe. Her work in the tourism sector stems from a deeply held view that tourism is the meeting point, the centrepiece or the engine of the Zimbabwean story.
Her belief in the empowerment of women and affinity to her country is reflected through her various roles in women capacity building and enhancement initiatives; She was one of the co-founders of Zimbabwe women writers alongside the late Norma Kitson African political activist and also had a piece of work entitled Why, Why, and all My Woman Ambitions published in an anthology at the age of 18. She is currently working on her book, entitled ‘Embracing my Failures: Discovering my identity.’
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