Gisela Rubach

Gisela Rubach

Political Strategist,


She is the most recognized political strategist in Mexico, with more than 400 electoral campaigns in Mexico, Central and South America. The magazine CAMBIO in a special edition mentioned her as one of the 300 most influential personalities in Mexico.

She is the 1st Female Consultant in the Reed Latinos Hall of Fame. He has advised the president, governors, senators, federal and local deputies, as well as mayors throughout Mexico.

She is also the General Director of Consultants and Political Marketing SC and Government Marketing S. C., has a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Administration from ITAM, where she has also developed as a professor at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

She is the coordinator and author of the Diploma in Political Marketing and Government Marketing at ITAM, as well as the International Seminaries on Electoral Strategies and Policies, Government Marketing and Crisis Management.
She has also been a professor and constant speaker at various universities and seminars, summits, congresses and forums around the world.
His opinions on political and electoral marketing have been taken up by several publications from Mexico and abroad.

He has also ventured into the world of social networks where many journalists and politicians follow his comments and recommendations on the Twitter account @GiselaRubach.