Ghazala Mazhar, MD

Ghazala Mazhar, MD

Clinical Research Consultant, CEO, Success Within Reach


Dr. Mazhar is a Pakistani American and is lovingly called Dr-G by her patients, followers, and clients. She is a Physician with a background in internal medicine, psychiatry and a research fellowship in neuroscience in the field of addiction. Her expertise is in understanding the human mind, emotions, and behavior. She became independent at a very young age when her father, who was also her best friend passed away. He was a father who believed in her and was an advocate of women’s education and empowerment. In their short 15 and half years together, he gave her all the confidence, insight, love and trust that was humanly possible. Although she was shaken by this life event, her emotional strength helped her see the beauty in life and the possibilities life has to offer. She also understood family responsibilities which were now on her young shoulders. The way her life has shaped affirmed what her dad always believed in: ‘the importance of women education and empowerment. She set an example of what could be possible by simultaneously managing her father’s business, while she was still studying in medical school. After graduating from medical school, she was selected on merit by Pakistan Military’s Women Wing Medical Core. Since then she had a mission of empowering women from all walks of life, whether it is a CEO of a company, a pilot or a cleaning lady. As a clinician, she has helped hundreds of women suffering from traumas of mental and physical abuse, by teaching them to tap into their potentials, gifts and personal power. She presented possibilities for women who couldn’t work outside of their homes due to a lack of education and other resources in the underserved areas of Pakistan.

In 1998, she founded a program with a vision of one girl one family for those who had a dream but no financial means to fulfill it. This program selects one girl each from families of underprivileged and sponsors them for the professional education of their choice. There are only three requirements to qualify. A competitive score on the entrance test to the school of their choice, a promise to complete their education and to sponsor two girls in the program after when they are established in their careers. This program has produced seventy-two professional young Pakistani women in the last 21 years and will continue to do so.

She is passionate about empowering people and communities and in 2017 founded Success Within Reach; A Strategic Intervention (SI) Coaching Platform, which offers a dynamic style of life coaching to help individuals, groups and organizations to take action towards achieving different results by creating permanent and lasting changes. Her message to everyone is “Next time you have a situation that seems difficult to entangle, remember that there is a way to find the most valuable solution you are looking for.”