Geraldine Kilbride – United Kingdom (UK)


Geraldine Kilbride

Programme Director, Resource Alliance

United Kingdom (UK)

Geraldine has a unique career, successfully combining both the study and practice of occupational psychology with a rewarding occupation as an international business woman.
After her first degree in Psychology, she co-founded a centre for group relationship development, whilst following an intensive 5 year programme of Jungian analysis.
Graduating from London Business School, with an MBA, her career lead her from the role of Marketing Development Manager for the Benelux at American Express to the position of International Managing Director with Richard Branson’s company, Virgin Vision Ltd.
Geraldine had hands-on experience of empowering leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and team-development that have become her passions ever since.
Here, Geraldine had revenue and profit responsibility for 22 wholly owned or licensed territories; revenue responsibility in excess of £85m and a creative brief to exploit acquired or developed film rights across all visual media. She speaks on leadership in times of crisis and uncertainty and the manager-to-leader transition process for the National Skills Academy; the UEA, government departments and businesses.