George Torres

George Torres

Founder and Director, Sofrito Media Group


My name is George Torres & I am a digital storyteller and founder of Sofrito Media Group. I am hot off the Hispanicize conference and I am currently looking for new global speaking opportunities at summits, conferences and private corporate events. Currently writing my first book, #SocialSofrito about my 20 year history in the relationship building /storytelling space.

I am a bi-lingual social media / cultural consultant, who in the late 90’s, captured attention on the internet with my personal mission statement of “connecting Latinos to their culture”. I continue to draw inspiration from my personal connection to my cultural heritage and use my personal brand of engagement to develop quality campaigns for my clients. Current and past clients include Hispanicize, Toyota Latino, Wells Fargo, National Puerto Rican Parade and The City University of New York just to name a few.

One of my short term goals include leveraging my passion for building brands through Social Engagement with my Retail Management / Customer Service competencies in settings that will help me redefine your brands.

I am a Key Note Speaker, Innovative and creative problem solver, Strong leader, 20 years of digital experience, 10 years + of Social Media Marketing experience, the ability to think strategically and manage a business holistically and I am also tech savvy with solid understanding of the web, online marketing with a strong focus on Social Media Technologies / Engagement practices.

Specialties: Retail Management, Team Building, Social Media, Blogging, Cultural Event Development, Latino Marketing, Social Networking, Brand Visibility in the Latino Niche, 1 on 1 Coaching on utilizing Social Media, Training