Geoff Edie, Canada


Geoff Edie

Mortgage Agent at EmersonRose Inc.

Geoff Edie is an expert networker. He began his entrepreneurial career in the film and television industry where he worked on several major motion pictures and popular TV shows. He transitioned into the sales and marketing business in his late 20s, leaving the film industry to make sales his full time career. From corporate Canada to building and managing sales teams across North America, Geoff now serves his clients as a mortgage investment specialist and public speaker. Over the last few years, Geoff’s focus on real estate has led him to be mentored by some of the best in the industry — most notably, Trump’s Executive VP, George H. Ross. Geoff and his partner Lindsay formed EmersonRose Inc., a company focused on educating entrepreneurs. Geoff is still “Vicki’s boy” and uses the values he learned growing up in a small town to govern his business decisions today.