Funeka Plaatjie-Njobeni


Funeka Plaatjie-Njobeni

Enterprise Development Coach, The Clothing Bank

South Africa

Funeka Plaatjie-Njobeni has a diverse professional background. Her career spans 20 years as an experienced Human Resource Practitioner, a seasoned Transformation & Change consultant and inspiration speaker. She has offered her insights in teaching, as part of the Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership at the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

Funeka has worked in many organizational settings & consulted in both private & public sectors. She currently practices as a Transformational Coach and Social Worker in Private Practice and combines her consulting skills, coaching competence, clinical experience and personal attributes to inspire authentic transformation and facilitate change in individuals, families and communities.

In the clinical space, she has a special interest in Intimate Partner Violence and women economic empowerment. As a way of keeping women safe from violence, Funeka has facilitated therapeutic groups for men who are violent towards their intimate partners. The groups, designed to hold men accountable, provide a holding and confidential space that facilitates behavioural change.

In the coaching space, Funeka is curious about how people move through transition. She seeks to nurture the human spirit, gives feedback with compassion and encourages effectiveness. She works collaboratively with individuals to bring them in alignment with their core values.

Funeka is passionate about individual, organizational and social transformation and is certified to use various diagnostic and dialogic processes that provide input to plan and facilitate change initiatives. She draws her inspiration from being a South African woman.

She is a registered member of Coaches & Mentors of South Africa (WCNJO-0807-PRA); SA Council of Social Service Professionals (10-16674); and South African Social Workers in Private Practice (SASWIPP) and fully subscribes to all Codes of Ethics.