Ferial Puren

Ferial Puren

G100, Scotland Country Chair for Ecocivilisation


“Whole System Change Strategist, Eco Tech Entrepreneur, Weaver, Mentor, Inter-Personal Development Architect, Diversity & Equality Advocate.

My personal journey towards a more sustainable life helped me discover that personal inner evolution is inextricably linked to outer social and cultural evolution. In response, I use my expertise to continually experiment by leveraging personal, inner development strategies with external, social development strategies to co-create System Change Solutions that help emerge a more just, Eco Civilisation.

Weaving inner and outer solutions helps change leaders step out of their silos and competitive paradigms, empowers them to be collaborators of our better future and facilitates them to co-create circular economy innovations and explore fairer transactions between humans and non-human stakeholders.

In this unpredictable, dynamic, ever-changing world my collaborators and I help people, businesses, organisations and communities nurture the skills, resilience and wisdom needed to re-imagine their lives and world from an evolving paradigm.

G100, Scotland Country Chair – Ecocivilisation
Founder – Ignite Life
CEO – Eco Citizen Academy, Ecobi and We Launch Your Brand
Project Manager – Social Systems Lab
Scottish Coordinator – Institute of Future Living
Co-ordinator – SRG Project
Scotland Chapter Leader – South African Chamber of Commerce
Representative – Ethnic Minority Environmental Network
Development Group Member – Migration Policy Scotland”