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Emily Jacob


Emily Jacob

Founder of ReConnected Life

United Kingdom

Emily is the founder of ReConnected Life. She helps women who’ve been raped to go from surviving, coping one day at a time, living a half-life, to living a full and whole reconnected life. She is a coach and NLP master practitioner using her skills, knowledge and experience to pioneer a new, whole-body/mind/soul approach to recovery after rape.
Emily is a fierce advocate of survivors and is using her voice to break the silence and speak for survivors on issues relating to both recovery and societal attitudes and myths – as such she has already been published in Metro, Huffington Post and Glamour magazine online, as well as appearing on London Live TV. And she is proud to have been made a Psychologies Life Labs expert blogger. She has a strong vision of ending rape culture within a generation by empowering the rest of society to stand up for survivors whenever they are presented with misogyny and ignorance.