Emefa A. Kpegba


Emefa A. Kpegba

Social & Tech Entrepreneur


Emefa A. Kpegba is IT and Telecom Engineer, a social tech-entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Code School for Africa – CS4A, member of Afri Tech Hub Team, Women TechMakers Lead – Lome, Google Developper Group – GDG Lome Co-Organizer, a winner of the “100 innovations for sustainable development in Africa Forum 2013” with the social project OMobileFunding and Author of the book “Le monde professionnel : un champ de bataille”. The winner of “Women In Tech” Apps Africa 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa. And YALI – Mandela Washington Fellow 2016.

The social and economic problems within her country like the whole Africa led her to become a Social Entrepreneur. In order to motivate and support the African youth especially women to innovate and to make changes via technology and social entrepreneurship for a sustainable development.

“It is good to teach someone to fish rather than give him or her fish. But it is better to offer him or her the fishing rod also.”