Elly Molina

Elle Jesser

International MindPower Consultant


Amazon Bestselling author, with a MA in Linguistics, Elly Molina, is an international MindPower consultant and visionary. Elly’s clients include Heads of State, celebrities, business professionals, and seekers. She is the founder of www.psi-kids, where children and adults learn to develop, trust and utilize their mind power and intuitive abilities. Elly has appeared on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and in The New York Times. Elly is the author of Children Who Know How to Know (Black Opal Books) and Annabelle and the Domino, and her latest release, a collaborative Amazon Bestseller with Betsy Chasse of What the Bleep Do We Know, and others, titled Dancing In The Unknown.
Elly contributes regularly to See Beyond Magazine and.