Ellen Tacoma


Ellen Tacoma

COO at HiiL


Ellen has a background in the commercial and social sector. In the first part of her career she had different management positions at communication agencies and in Telecom. In 2007 she co-founded Women on Wings. An organizations that aims to create one million jobs for women in rural India. Together with Indian social entrepreneurs work for women in the villages is created. These social entrepreneurs are supported with business expertise to accelerate their growth, in turn-over and in jobs for women.
Over the last years more then 207,000 additional jobs are realized. The Indian/Dutch team ensures a clear fit between the needs of the social enterprises and the expertise to be delivered at the right time.
Since the day to day operations is transferred to the Indian management Ellen moved to another social enterprise. HiiL, based in The Hague, innovators in justice. They create access to justice world wide via accessible justice journeys.

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