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Elín Gróa Karlsdóttir

Elín Gróa Karlsdóttir - WEF - UNIVERSITY - ICELAND - 2017

Elín Gróa Karlsdóttir

Project Manager,Innovation Center Iceland


Elín Gróa Karlsdóttir is a project manager at Innovation center Iceland, where her work focuses on assisting entrepreneurs who would like to start a business, exspecially women entrepreneurs. ICI runs start-up workshops for women entrepreneurs which Elin is a project manager for. Elín has a B.Sc. in Business from Reykjavík Univercity, diplom in Gender studies from Univercity of Iceland and is finishing a master degree in public administraion. Before coming to the Innovation Center Iceland Elin worked as a manager at the Regional development center of Iceland and has an experience in the banking and finance sector.