Elaine Sullivan


Elaine Sullivan

Skybrook Consultants Limited


Whilst, today, there are many initiatives to encourage more females into the STEM world, the industry as a whole still lacks diversity. Over a long and successful career, working through the ranks from trainee to various positions of influence within companies as diverse as Network Manager for Compaq UK through to QA Manager for Zenith Leasedrive I’ve seen many changes in the IT and Telecoms industry. Through that time the one thing that has been consistent has been the lack of women.

Wanting to make a difference, I have since founded my company, Skybrook Consultants Ltd, to use my experience to bring training, coaching and mentoring to the personnel of small and large businesses alike. I aim to bring energy and drive to those I work with, and design my training to help companies make the ‘human investment’.

I love helping people to see the potential in both themselves and others …. and then motivate and inspire them to greatness and success; in short, allow them to become the best version of themselves they can be. In engaging and enabling staff, I help other help others become great leaders and to build a workplace culture of mutual respect, inclusion, collaboration and internal motivation.

The training, coaching and mentoring offered by my company Skybrook offers fantastic insight into how to fulfil your potential and use it to embrace this ever changing life. I commit to working with you to not only support, guide and inspire you, but also ensure that the benefits of the process become second nature. Through our services you (or your teams) will be far better equipped to move toward the future and embrace whatever that might bring.

Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss what we offer and whether it would be the right thing for you or your company, or visit my website www.skybrookconsultants.co.uk to find out more.