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Edoardo Scaggiante


Edoardo Scaggiante

Independent Researcher, Team Energy TU/e


I’m Edoardo Scaggiante, I’m a student from the Technical University of Eindhoven. I come from a small town in the North of Italy. I started my bachelor in Environmental Engineering in Trento and then I moved to Eindhoven for a master in Chemistry. Within the master, I specialized in photovoltaic energy, but apart from conventional sustainable energy sources, I was particularly intrigued by the unconventional ones (energy from the solar magnetic field researched by Nikola Tesla). Tesla has always been my inspiring person and I read many books about him. The idea of moving the clouds came up when I was very young after I watched a cartoon. At the University of Eindhoven I had the chance to further develop it after having won the TU/e contest, a competition among students with innovative ideas within the University.
When I address to a problem, I always try to find a different way to solve it than the standard procedure. I’m also an artistic person: I’ve been playing guitar for 14 years. I often perform in the Rouge, a strip bar in Eindhoven.
When people ask me what I think about happiness, I say that happiness only comes when you work hard in something you really believe in.