Dr. Yomna ElSheridy

Dr. Yomna ElSheridy

President, BWE21


Dr. Yomna is the president of Business Women of Egypt 21, an Egyptian NGO dedicated to the empowerment of women and enhancing her contribution to the Egyptian economy. She has set Mission for the association: We seek to achieve positive change through our business development services and distinguished expertise through networking and international partnerships.

Under her supervision BWE21 created an impact for women business owners to expand their reach.

  1. Organize capacity building training workshops in different fields. In cooperation with the Egyptian Stock Exchange, European Bank, etc.
  2. Create platform for business women from different countries around the world to share
  3.  Working on Successful partnerships and cooperation agreements as Global Partnership for SME’s, protocol for the cooperation of the Business Women Association of Bahrain, Jordan and Kurdistan, Cooperation agreement between BWE21 & the General Authority for Investment, Global Project Partners E. V. (GPP) & BWE 21 &Protocol of cooperation between SEEDS and BWE21.
  4. Participating in many national and international seminars and conferences for the current situation in Egypt, participation in the Women’s Business Forum in the Middle East, videoconference OECD-MENA Women’s Business Forum Meeting of National Task Forces, Meeting between Egypt and Lebanon within Partnership project of the VDU and businesswomen associations in the Middle East, the 10th Economic Conference “People and Banks”, Rome, Italy The sixth meeting of the Middle East Working Group on SME’s entrepreneurship and Human Capital Development & the 2nd conference of the Arab Network for Economic Empowerment of Women.

Dr. Yomna is also responsible for the establishment of the Women for Success Annual International Conference, and is the founder of the Arab Business Women’s Council in the Arab League in March of 1999, and of the Liaise office for the International Pharmaceutical Students Association. She is also the co-chairperson of “Career Women”, an establishment at the