Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar

Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar

Founder, Shruti Foundation


Dr. Shruti Poddar (Saundaryaambika) is a Wellness Mentor and Vibrational Healer, a Musician, Poet, Educationist and a Practitioner of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. She is also a Heritage Conservationist and Grassroots Entrepreneur in Tourism and Hospitality. She is a world consultant on culture, heritage conservation, museum development, community development, use of indigenous knowledge systems and cross-cultural collaborations, cultural events and festivals between institutions and governments in India and abroad.

Dr. Shruti created the “Nada Vibronics” Vibrational Healing Ecosystem, which uses Yogic and Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Ancient Indian Sound and other Vibrational technologies along with Scientific understanding and applications, to Cure Disease as well as Heal and Empower people through consultancies, workshops and retreats. Her Spiritual and Healing music is used worldwide for meditation and healing psychological and physiological conditions and specific diseases. She was awarded the Delhi Ratna Award in 2003 for her pioneering work with Spiritual healing sound and music, followed by an NRI award for enhancing international cultural relations. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in December 2017 for Education and Wellness.

As a Global Educationist she has conducted Mentoring workshops personally since 1996 and through the Shruti Foundation, a research and charitable foundation since 2007, for promoting education, wellness and healthcare, value based leadership, with a special focus on indigenous knowledge systems and sciences.
She has worked with thousands of teachers, administrators and students in India and abroad. She does talks, workshops and retreats internationally on various subjects ranging from culture, wellness, healing, integral education, leadership and community development. She has been advocating and also facilitating use of tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage for students, women, global learners, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Shruti Poddar founded the Shruti Foundation in 2007, a research and charitable foundation for promoting cultural learning and collaboration, women empowerment, education, wellness and healthcare, value based leadership, advocacy, with a special focus on indigenous knowledge systems and sciences. Her Foundation has been involved with intangible and tangible cultural heritage, conservation, restoration, museum development, and revival of as well as re-adaptive use of heritage sites and Havelies for development of local economies. Shruti Foundation also creates festivals and events worldwide inviting cultural collaboration and development of education culture across the world.

The Need to historically resurrect and economically and well as creatively empower unique heritage regions led Shruti Poddar to become the Principal Promoter of “Vedaaranya –The Heritage and Healing Habitat, an integrated development and healing tourism project for evolving global and local wellness eco-systems a the grassroots. She has developed hospitality and tourism through homestays (VEDAARANYA HAVELI) which also has international artist and student residencies at Ramgarh Shekhawati as the beginning of the Integral Township and Habitat with multiple verticals.

The dream is to conserve, restore and enliven Great Microcosms of History and Heritage across the World and find sustainable models for its women, youth and local populations.

Shruti has been involved with the following as:
• Pioneer of “Nada Vibronics” Vibrational Healing Systems
• Founder and Managing Trustee, Shruti Foundation (since 2007)
• Member, INTACH Advisory Board for Intangible Cultural Heritage (since 2017)
• Principal Promoter, Vedaaranya- The Heritage and Healing Habitat, Rajasthan (since 2015)
• Convener, “INTACH –Sikar-Churu-Jhunjhunu Chapter” (since 2017)
• Principal Convener, Vedaaranya Heritage and Healing Festival, Ramgarh Shekhawati, Rajasthan
• Chairperson, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rajasthan (2017-18)
• Principal Convener, WE-ASC World Education Culture Congress (since 2011)
• Founder Director of The Nada Choir, a Multi-Ethnic Musical Choir in Belfast, Northern Ireland (since 2012)
• Convener, Fist GOPIO Women’s Conference in London 2010
• Co-convener and organizer, World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality with 45 countries.

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