Dr. Seema Datta


Dr. Seema Datta

Women wellness consultant

United Kingdom

Dr Seema Datta is a fully qualified Ayurvedic doctor and a gentle birth method practitioner.working since last 20 years , She has extensive experience of working with women in transition – Menar-che, Motherhood and Menopause.

Seema has travelled in many countries and looking forward to reach more- to help women during pregnancy, birth and beyond .
Dr Seema is also interested in educating women for healthy families leading to healthy society. she runs diet and lifestyle workshops in the community and would like to collaborate with like minded.

Seema has also learned NLP and Hypnotherapy as well as Amnanda process (Spiritual healing which works on trauma- physical as well as psychological.)and use them in combination along with herbs and massages.
Seema had studied B.Sc (Zoology) and BMTech(Bachelor in Biomedical techniques) before going for formal degree of Ayurveda. Coming from science background and born n brought up in Ayur-veda environment Seema has found her understanding of “Science of life” at a different level and love to speak about it for better health and wellbeing.

“I believe in Womanhood and want women to win . To win – healthy body , mind and spirit are es-sential components – Ayurveda has it all ! “
“Heal,Repair,Rejuvenate with Ayurveda “.