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Dr. Richard Sherry

Richard Sherry

Dr. Richard Sherry

Founder & Clinical Director of Psychological Systems Ltd

United Kingdom (UK)

Dr. Richard Sherry, the Founder and Clinical Director of Psychological Systems Ltd, is a Consultant Chartered Clinical Psychologist (HCPC reg. and BPS CPsychol) and a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (BPC reg.). He is also a specialist in Psychological Clinical Traumatology and an Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Consultant. Much of his lifetime’s work is in understanding how to reverse cycles of trauma to create profound levels of health. His work in psychologically treating vulnerable populations and complex presentations has also taken him around the world.
The exploration and interest in linking ways to think about different scales of processes has led him to development of the Integration, Compassion, Developmental-stepped and Sustainable (ICDS) system, (copyright © 2011-2016), advancing the real goal of actually healing individuals and the social processes they inter-relate with. Integrated Systems Healing and Dr. Sherry’s concept of Integrated Healing (Healing Everything) is a process of linking the spectrum of illness and health dimensionally to find clear points and then processes for positive meaningful change.
Dr Sherry’s particular areas of expertise range from clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychological trauma treatment, neuropsychology, the interface with technology, all environments, humanitarian health, the psychology of assessments, the psychology of surgery, the psychology of plastic and aesthetic surgery, executive coaching, creativity, art, ethics, the psychology of complex environments and the psychology of space exploration.